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Jürgen Kopp is a german guitarist playing rock music. After his band broke off in 1999 he started solo projects,  composed more than 80 songs and released 7 albums. When recording songs he often plays all instruments by himself.

Contact: contact@kopp-music.de

Latest Album
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This site is free, listen to his music, read lyrics, watch pics and videos, get contact.

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Here on this site you can listen to some songs of every album for free:  listening 
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Jürgen is influenced by several guitarists of rock and jazz. His musical roots are definately in the seventies, the decade of progressive rock music and bands like Genesis, Jethro Tull, Yes, Pink Floyd and others.


At the moment there are no concerts scheduled. If Jürgen puts a band together there will be concerts again.


Jürgen is also painting, here you can see some of his creations: Painting (Malerei)


If you like to contact Jürgen just send a mail. He likes to answer the mails by himself.

„Thank you for visiting my site,
 enjoy life – and music“

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